Shades of me...

        I'm a working artist, painter and sculpture,  living on a small island off the coast of Washington State.  I received my degree in art history and education from the University of Puget Sound and studied painting at the Honolulu Academy of Art.  After teaching art in middle school,  I discovered an interest in theater and explored acting, designing, and directing for the stage.  I owned and operated a boutique for over thirty years and served as Artistic Director for a Performing Arts Center.   


            An interest in writing followed the death of my husband.   Journaling my experience allowed me to witness my own story.   Eventually these journals became essays, then chapters and finally the book, Shades of Grief.  The chapter, "The Crone and I ", appeared in a 2018 publication of Grief Digest magazine and can also be found on their online website.

          I sincerely hope that my experience  will aid others as they traverse the rugged terrain of grief.   A life journey like no other. 


Me as Amanda in The Glass Menagerie, 
a play by Tennessee Williams
An amazing role! A true gift to have had such an experience.
In the studio!
Waiting for the Return
(my unusual self portrait!)

A visit to Roseblade Studio...where I spend most of my time.   

Me dressed up for the 70's and singing at the local theater
My husband, Keith, our naughty dog, Buckybear  and me.
Walking the road beside our house
after a snow storm. 

A few photos to introduce myself...